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Ding dong, the PICC line’s GONE!!!!


When I went to get my picc line dressings changed earlier, they found it had moved yet again, by a distance of 3cm (HOW! The bloody thing was taped down!) and they were going to have to change it- yet again.

However they have decided to simply find a vein for my last treatment, so they took it out! You have no idea the relief!

I had bought a bottle of Moet & Chandon to celebrate the New Year, but instead, I will be having a bath for the first time in months (don’t worry I have been showering with cling wrap over the dressings!) and plan to crack open that bad boy and enjoy my newly-freed arm! 😀

That bloody thing has been the bane of my life since it went in. I will NOT lament its departure!!!

I feel like my treatment is suddenly much closer to being done now. YAY!!!!!


Happy Birthday To Me!

Well, another year added today! I am now 33- yikes!!

I had my second round of chemo this morning. I so far don’t feel quite as bad, but it was a couple of hours later this time than last time so it may not really hit for a little bit yet.

All my bloods looked completely normal, and I got the results of an ECG they did last week and my heart is working perfectly well too, so it looks like apart from the obvious, I am pretty healthy, touching wood! 😀

My PICC line also worked, which was a relief!

Hope everyone is having a good day. I plan to celebrate by trying not to be sick this evening! I am going to be like the Queen and have an honorary birthday when my treatment is over, probably sometime in April, so I plan to live it up and have a great time then! 🙂


My first round of chemotherapy

I’m just home from having my first round of chemo. It went fine- I still feel grand for now, the side effects won’t kick in for another few hours or so, apparently.

The first three rounds are FEC and the second three rounds will be taxotere.

I thought it was going to be a drip, but because I had the picc line put in, the nurse just pushed it all through that, so it was all quite quick.

One of the drugs made me sting all over, but it was over quickly. The nurse warned me that it would feel like I was sitting on nettles, and she wasn’t wrong! 😀

So- not too bad so far. It’s done. One down, five to go. 🙂

I also saw “The Wig Lady” and my government supplied wig is en route. I have gone for a long style, the shorter ones were not good with my chubby cheeks. Ian said they made me look like Kelly Osborne. Will be kicking his ass for that later!!!!

For those of you (Jenny!!) who want to know such things, the wig I’ve gone for is a Rene of Paris one called Stevie, in marble brown. I’ve already ordered myself one on the internet which is also Rene of Paris, on Jenny’s recommendation, it is called Jade, in light chocolate.

The wig looked so nice that I will definitely model it for you all once it arrives. It’s a big improvement on my natural frizzy mess! 😛

OK, off to put my feet up for a while. I actually feel fine, and might work for a couple of hours this afternoon.


The PICC line is in!

Well, it’s done! I am glad it’s over!

WARNING- the below is graphic, so stop reading NOW if you don’t want to know what happens!

MTAE, last time I posted about surgical procedures, you said it made your knees hurt. I do not wish to be responsible for causing pain to fellow bloggers! You are excused from duty!!! 😛

Getting the line put in was not a barrel of laughs. They don’t inject local anaesthetic into the area for some reason- just put a numbing cream on your arm for half an hour before the procedure, and it does NOTHING, as far as I can see!

They took me round to the x-ray department, got me up on a table and sterilised the area. Then, the nurse (a lovely girl called Sarah) found a suitable vein under ultrasound and made a small incision, then worked to get the needle into the vein. She then inserted a fine tube into the vein, which extends up the vein, past my shoulder and towards my heart to a length of 38cm. I couldn’t feel the tube going up and into position at all, but the actual process of getting into the vein in the first place was painful and unpleasant. My fingers kept involuntarily twitching which was weird too!

Once the procedure was over (about 20 minutes from start to finish), they x-rayed the area to make sure the tube was in the right position. It’s now all dressed and wrapped so it doesn’t catch on anything.

My arm is sore, and apparently my shoulder will get very sore later. It should settle over the next few days and apparently, I will then not even know it’s there.

There are a lot of good reasons for getting the PICC line put in. I was very anxious about getting it done, and yes, it hurt, but the nurse who did it was very skilled and slick at it, so I was in good hands.

Now the fun bit- chemo starting on Tuesday! I can hardly wait!


You won’t believe it, but…

They changed their minds AGAIN!!!!

My veins are crap. They now want to give me a PICC line (pronounced pick) which will stay in the whole way through the chemo. It’s like a permanent vent in my arm so they can take bloods and give drugs without having to find a suitable vein each time. I am getting that done on Thursday, and start chemo on the 30th as originally planned. Honest to goodness, I am so sick of it, lol!

The oncologist also told me I’d be getting a bone scan in the next few weeks. It’s the only thing I haven’t had done yet.

I bought a wig on ebay earlier (gulp) it wasn’t expensive, so if it doesn’t look good, I will just relist it and no harm done. I think it might be fun though to experiment a bit, as much as funds will allow! I will post pics once it arrives, just for fun!

My friend Jenny suggested Noriko wigs, and there are a couple I’ve found that I like, so will try and get the best price. The health service here will also provide me with one free on the government.

So, that’s the plan….for now at least….

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