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It never rains but it snows…

We never really get snow here in Northern Ireland, and around 1/2 cm is likely to bring the whole country to a skidding (literally) halt. We’ve had a bit of snow here in the past few days. Not enough for a snow man, but enough for me not to drive anywhere because the roads are too dangerous. Northern Ireland’s mighty army of approximately one gritting lorry has been constantly on the go for days, but let’s face it, he’s only one man!! 😀 He’s doing his wee best. Only kidding, but not too much- we just aren’t equipped to deal. Why would they bother spending money on more resources for snow, when we get maybe 3-5 days of snow every year?

The snow has coincided with Ricky’s school holidays and I am home with both kids for the holidays for the first time. Snow’s obviously great with small kids, but mine are still a little too small to really get much benefit from it- they just freeze too quickly no matter how much you layer them up.

Also, Ballygowan is a small village with few local resources and, despite them installing a new playground which is surprisingly brilliant, there’s only so long you can spend there, and from my point of view, it’s mind numbing. I prefer to go for a walk and do something that will stimulate me as well as them, but what you gonna do!

There’s been a lot of lounging around in jammies in our house these past few days. Ricky’s obsession with playing Lego StarWars on the Wii is getting totally out of hand. We’re going to have to introduce an egg timer of some kind, I think.

Worst of all, Ricky has now got a dodgy stomach and can not be trusted any further than 10 feet from the toilet, so our ability to leave the house is now fully compromised.

So, I guess we should just baton down the hatches and do nothing!

That said, there’s only so much children’s television I can take. One more episode of “Big Cook, Little Cook”, possibly the campest tv show ever invented, and it might just tip me over the edge of reason.

Thank goodness for adult intervention in the form of a dinner invitation to my dear friend Heather’s house tonight. Her sister Emer is in town, and ever time she’s home it is customary for us to treat her like visiting Royalty, mainly by meeting up and (me) getting paralytically drunk. I’ll take some pics, but they’ll be early in the evening before my eye make up has spread itself too far down my face and I am still capable of clicking the “take photo” button instead of the “on/off” button. Tomorrow, with luck, you may laugh at my increasingly dodgy hair do, which without the aid of hair straightners looks like some kind of Granny ‘Fro, and even with straightners, looks awful. Part of the process I guess…


Lovely day out at Seaforde

It’s been more years than I care to think about since I last saw my friend Leigh- we were school friends but I haven’t seen her since then, but we’ve been chatting via Facebook and decided to meet up with our kids! She has a gorgeous daughter called Sophie who is almost exactly the same age as Ricky- only a few days between them- and we arranged to visit the butterfly house at Seaforde.

Of course, neither of us had thought to check that the place opened on a Sunday, so when we got there at about 12.30pm to find the gates shut and locked, it’s safe to say we were pretty disappointed! We wondered however if it was just too early, so decided to have some lunch before heading back.

We had lunch in the nearby village of Clough, in a place called Frenchie’s. Luckily the kids were on their best behaviour and we were able to have a lovely, relaxed lunch. Robbie I think ate more than Ricky and Soph put together- no wonder he has a fat wee tum on him! 😀

Luckily by the time we were finished with lunch, the butterfly place was open, to the children’s delight! Ricky and Sophie got on like a house on fire!


It was a very warm day- the first few weeks of May are normally about all the summer we get here- so we let the kids play outside in the playground for a while before going into the butterfly house. The house itself was SOO hot- and humid too, I think all of us wilted a bit!

The butterflies themselves are stunning but I have to say I felt a little bit dosconcerted by them flapping around the place- there were these massive black ones and it nearly felt like they were bats or something, ha ha!

They also have turtles, which roam about the place, a selection of birds, some of which are loose within the building, and a reptile section. The kids really enjoyed looking around.


After we had looked at the various creatures in the butterfly house, we investigated the gardens and maze, both of which are renowned locally. I was surprised by the numbers of tourists there- tourism is still only starting to pick up in Northern Ireland but it’s nice to see that people are finally realising that not only is it a fairly safe place to visit (especially compared to a lot of other parts of the world!) but it’s also amazingly beautiful.

Ricky initially did not want to have anything to do with the maze. I think he maybe got some claustrophobia, but soon got over it and the kids had a blast finding their way to the middle, where they shared a bit of a smooch!!


Robbie, in the meantime, had recovered from the massive lunch he’d eaten and decided that he would in fact be needing the ice cream I had bought for myself. Here are before and after pics!



It was such a treat to get out for the day with Leigh and Sophie. I hope we can do it again soon! The Belfast Children’s Festival is coming up, so I think we may plan something around that. Thanks for a lovely day, Leigh!



My WordPress ID

So, since what has now become known amongst my friends as “the Drennan’s review debacle”, I’ve realised how ridiculously naive I was about blogging before I started.

I never had any idea that anyone except for a few of my friends would ever read that review, and can’t believe the amount of interest and reads per day it generates, even now. I think to date about 3000 people have read that particular post of mine, and obviously not everyone liked what I had to say.

OK- so lesson learned- don’t write anything in the public domain unless you have a thick skin! Which, I have discovered, is not me- mine is apparently painfully thin. Two people got very personal for reasons that I still don’t understand, and don’t think I ever will. Water under the bridge- they are complete losers and not worthy of my thought. I certainly shouldn’t let them upset me (even though I can’t help it!!)

However since then, I have noticed that a LOT of people are finding my blog by using the search “suzy2110”. I am very uncomfortable with this because I feel like I am being stalked. I’ve actually come to very much regret using this ID when I started my blog- once again with the major naivete- as I was using that ID in a couple of other internet facilities and have had to shut these down. I have also tightened security on other areas of my online life because I don’t feel safe with it any more.


However- I wonder if I am overreacting. Maybe it’s just friends of mine who use this search. Can anyone own up please? It would give me peace of mind.

And if you are searching on my user ID because of the Drennan’s review- WHY???

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