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First Round of Taxotere

Hey all

Sorry for being so lamentably MIA the past few days- I can’t seem to get it together to either blog or get to reading everyone else’s blogs, but promise I will catch up soon.

I had my fourth round of chemo earlier, it was my first cycle of Taxotere moving on from FEC, and so far I don’t feel too bad. Apparently this one won’t make me feel as sick, but has its own particularly unpleasant side effects, mainly complete exhaustion, and an even higher risk of septicaemia. They could only give me 75% of the normal dose because of my problems with not tolerating the FEC.

I brought my quilt o’ wonder to the chemo with me (thanks again, so, so much to all concerned), it made three different nurses cry, and even my consultant, Dr Abram, looked positively misty-eyed, having asked specifically to see it (the nurses had been telling him about it!). I wrapped myself up in it and it kept me warm, emotionally as well as physically.

I have to go and get my bloods checked next Friday, which coincides with my work Christmas do- they said they would be able to give me the go ahead (or not) to attend based on the results. I really want to go and have my outfit all lined up, so fingers crossed!

Will spend time this evening catching up with you all! Thanks again for all the prayers and positive thoughts. 🙂


Third round of chemo

I had my third and (hopefully) final round of FEC this morning. After this I move on to a different drug called taxotere which is apparently the most effective chemo drug they have for breast cancer. It’s also extremely nasty stuff, but hopefully won’t make me feel as sick as the FEC has.

Because I’ve come down with septicaemia with both the previous two cycles, the consultant has made the decision to reduce the dose by 20%, because I don’t seem able to tolerate the normal dose. I asked how this would affect the outcome, and he said for people with metastases (spreads to other parts of the body) the outcome would be worse, but that as they haven’t been able to find any mets with me, it would, hopefully, not affect the outcome. He said it was all a calculated risk, but that the risk at this stage of me developing a serious, life threatening bout of septicaemia was too high for them to continue with the full dose.

He doesn’t plan to increase the number of cycles of chemo. The chemo I am getting is supposedly a precautionary measure rather than an active attempt to shrink a known tumour, so he thinks it should hopefully do the trick anyway.

I got SO sick with the chemo administration today. You get a taste in your mouth when they are giving you the drugs- not particularly nasty but just chemical sort of taste- it clearly triggers something in my brain!

I went straight to bed when I got home and slept for five hours, to my amazement. I feel a good bit better this evening, long may it last!

So, with any luck, and with no desire to jinx myself, that’s the halfway point now. 🙂


Finally- she escapes!

I’m home! At last, at long last!! They finally let me out this afternoon, mainly because they found me hanging out the window by my tied-together bedsheets, I was so desparate to escape… 😛

I went to the hospital last Thursday and as expected, was admitted right away. My white blood cell count was almost non existent, despite the drugs they had given me to try and keep it up.

So- many rounds of IV antibiotics and more of the bone-marrow-stimulating drugs later, I feel fine again and am VERY glad to be home!

There is a bit of a conundrum now over my treatment. To have a septic episode like this on both rounds of chemo so far is not a good start. (Bernadette, Dad said you wanted to know what chemo I was on- three round of FEC to be followed by three of taxotere). I understand that they will now either reduce the dose and give me more cycles than originally planned (please NOOOOOO!!!) or give me antibiotics for the duration of my treatment. I will do as I am told!

Will catch up with everyone’s blogs over the next few days- hope all of you are well and had a good Hallowe’en, which I am disgusted I missed!!! 😀


Well, this pretty much SUCKS

Ugh, chemotherapy has got OLD. I’ve been feeling really unwell for the past nearly-week, since getting my second dose of FEC on Tuesday. I wasn’t too sick until Friday, but have been feeling as rough as the proverbial badger’s arse ever since.

I do feel a little better this evening, but it’s a slow road. The chemo definitely has affected me psychologically too. It was the same in the first cycle- I felt very uncharacteristically down in the dumps for about a week. I absolutely hate feeling depressed (not that anyone LIKES it, you know what I mean!), and this is really new territory to me. I hope it will be like last cycle and I’ll start to feel mentally stronger soon.

I think one of the compounding factors was on Friday night, I took a shower, and SOOO much hair came out. Sure, it’s been falling out a lot, but about half of what I had left came out. I’m left with weird patchy clumps everywhere, and it looks horrendous. I cried my eyes out- how pathetic am I- and can’t face looking at it now. I’ve been wearing a headscarf permanently, and can’t bear the thought of anyone seeing my head. It’s weird when I thought I was OK with short hair- but short hair and complete baldness are apparently two very different things as far as my brain are concerned. I actually think it will be easier to deal with once the hair is all gone. But for now, it’s hard.

Yesterday was also the first anniversary of my Mum’s death. Ian looked after the kids and the rest of us went out for lunch to one of my Mum’s favourite restaurants, The Cuan in Strangford, before going to her grave. It was THE most revolting day, bucketing with rain, as if my Mum was giving off stink for being dead!! Wonderful family friend and regular commenter here, Bernadette McP, had very kindly come all the way from Trim in Co. Meath on Friday to do flowers for Mum’s grave. Bernadette, they are absolutely stunning and I can’t tell you how touched we are by them. You are truly a very special woman and a great friend.

I miss my Mum terribly, especially when I’ve been so sick. She was a doctor, and would have been filled with advice for me. Maybe though, when she’d been so sick herself, it would have just been too much for her to bear. I know she is at peace.

I have no doubt that soon, I’ll feel better again. Days like this though, you can feel the weeks and months stretching out ahead of you, and wonder if you’ll ever feel back to normal again. It’s the thought of brighter times ahead that are making me keep my eye on the prize.

The prize my eye is on, apart obviously from being cancer free, is a family break to the house in Donegal at Easter. Maybe by then I will be through the chemo and radiotherapy, and will be back on the road to being Suzy as we all know her, once again!

Thanks for reading my self-indulgent moan- if you got this far, you get a special cyber Gold Star! 😀


My first round of chemotherapy

I’m just home from having my first round of chemo. It went fine- I still feel grand for now, the side effects won’t kick in for another few hours or so, apparently.

The first three rounds are FEC and the second three rounds will be taxotere.

I thought it was going to be a drip, but because I had the picc line put in, the nurse just pushed it all through that, so it was all quite quick.

One of the drugs made me sting all over, but it was over quickly. The nurse warned me that it would feel like I was sitting on nettles, and she wasn’t wrong! 😀

So- not too bad so far. It’s done. One down, five to go. 🙂

I also saw “The Wig Lady” and my government supplied wig is en route. I have gone for a long style, the shorter ones were not good with my chubby cheeks. Ian said they made me look like Kelly Osborne. Will be kicking his ass for that later!!!!

For those of you (Jenny!!) who want to know such things, the wig I’ve gone for is a Rene of Paris one called Stevie, in marble brown. I’ve already ordered myself one on the internet which is also Rene of Paris, on Jenny’s recommendation, it is called Jade, in light chocolate.

The wig looked so nice that I will definitely model it for you all once it arrives. It’s a big improvement on my natural frizzy mess! 😛

OK, off to put my feet up for a while. I actually feel fine, and might work for a couple of hours this afternoon.

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