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Early starts and other things

On the up side, Robbie seems to be sleeping through the night a lot more, all of a sudden! Yay! On the down side, this means he now wants to get up at 6am every day! You win some, you lose. So, this morning he got me up early (Ian and I normally take a lie in each at the weekends. We agree in advance who gets Saturday and who gets Sunday- it saves swearing and arguments on the two mornings in question!) so he’s still in bed.

Ricky got up at about 7am and I then realised there was nothing for their breakfast- d’oh! So, I’ve already made a batch of fruit scones this morning! Before I even had a cup of tea! I am so industrious! 😀

The kids are now trashing the house while I try to ignore the mess and play on the puter… 😛


WordPress bloggers- since they brought in the new stats dashboard, has anyone else noticed a drop in total stats? I’ve lost almost ten thousand hits since they did it. The stats are still correct if you go to “view summary tables”, but isn’t right on my actual site. It doesn’t really matter, but I’m a bit confused about it! I really don’t like the new stats thing but I guess like everything else I will get used to it! I’m not good with change! 😀


Years ago, we bred from my Connemara pony, Morning, but we sold her daughter when she was three. I’ve been back in touch with her via her new owners this week and it’s been so lovely to hear how she’s been doing all these years, and see some pictures of her too! She’s in England now and has had a long and successful career in showjumping.

Her mother is still very beautiful and a shining light in my life. I should take some pics of her for the blog, as she, even in old age, looks gorgeous.


Weather here is absolutely atrocious. Normally, May in Northern Ireland is pretty much as good as it gets here, and it tends to be sunny and warm. NOT this year, apparently. Robbie’s birthday party is next Saturday, and I had been planning to have his party in our garden, which would supply significantly more square footage than our titchy little house. I am getting increasingly twitchy as the day gets closer and it’s STILL raining!!!! I’m taking Thursday and Friday off to try and do some stuff to make our house even vaguely presentable, which believe me is going to be a massive uphill struggle. 🙂


I had a weird night of dreams last night! Weirdest of all was a dream where I was a student again, living in scummy digs in Stranmillis, and (really bizarre) Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol called round (I don’t really know what he even looks like in real life!!!) and although it wasn’t in any way a naughty dream, somehow I had no clothes on and he wanted to look at my scars?! Fair enough, Snow Patrol are from Northern Ireland, but I don’t have any particular interest in them and have no idea what THAT dream meant…my subconscious is up to strange things again!!!!! 😀

Actually I think I’m going to have to make an appointment to see the breast care nurse because the right boob, where I had most of the surgery, is hurting quite a lot and doesn’t seem “right”- I hope it’s nothing to worry about and I can’t find any lumps or anything, and it’s probably just fluid from my lymph nodes having been removed, but better safe than sorry. 🙂


Right, I just looked up, and my living room looks like it’s been hit by a tornado. There are bits of scone all over the floor and both boys have removed their jammie bottoms for reasons that aren’t yet clear.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Dreams and other stories

Wow, things like trips, appointments and other general gubbins mean that this is probably going to be the longest post in history! 😀


Firstly, I had my first ever dream about a blogosphere friend!

This dubious honour goes to More Than An Electrician (MTAE as we all know him!), and the details are sketchy and embarrassing, but thankfully involved no removal of clothing or anything unsafe for children. I give it a rating of PG. Somehow in my dream, I wasn’t involved with Ian but had started seeing Monty Halls, whose show based on his experiences of living in a remote part of Scotland we’ve been watching on BBC2!

Anyhow, me and the delectable Monty had only just hooked up in my dream, he was dressed in an immaculate suit- not the kind of man I normally go for, and from what I have seen on his program, not his usual attire either!! So- I was very keen to impress. It occured to me in my dream that I knew a celebrity!

Yes, you’ve guessed it- MTAE!

For those of you who are not familiar with MTAE, he’s currently embarking on a new adventure, setting forth into the world of stand up comedy. I know he’ll be brilliant, because he makes all of us who read his blog laugh so much! He can also run pretty well, and is working towards competing in a full distance marathon in a few day’s time. Yep, an all round Superman, I think you’ll agree.

Anyway, in my dream, MTAE was not only a famous comedian, and household name marathon runner, but he also owned a very posh….sandwich bar….and of course I decided that this would be a great place to take my fab, muscle bound new boyfriend on our first date. 😀 The sandwich bar was very nice- we had ham and cheese paninis- but sadly MTAE did not make an appearance and Monty was very disappointed. I feel like I have lost points there. 😀


We had Ricky’s speech therapy appointment last Wednesday. It went well- the lady who assessed him seemed largely unconcerned about his speech too. The only area for improvement is that he made a “b” noise instead of a “p” noice a few times- apparently these are the same action, but you put more emphasis on a “p”. She’s going to give us some exercises to work on for this, but he made a “p” noise very well when prompted and she said it wasn’t a big issue. Apart from that his speech is at the level of a 4 1/2 year old, and as he’s just over 4, he seems to be right on track.

She was really pleased with his vocabulary and by how outgoing and friendly he was. He’s really easily able to have conversations with strangers and is not a bit shy- I am really proud of how great he is at having conversations with anyone and everyone.

One thing that really mortified me- one of the pictures she showed him and asked him to identify was a vacuum cleaner, and he couldn’t tell her what it was!!! The pic was of an upright cleaner, and we only have a small one, but still! 😀 Must try harder!!

I was glad of the reassurance, though. We go back in a month’s time, but only as a precaution.


Ricky and I had our big trip to Scotland last Thursday! It was so exciting!

Of course, the weather didn’t cooperate and it was snowing pretty hard when we were boarding the plane. It was a bit of a shame because on the outbound flight, he couldn’t see anything when we were taking off and I think that took away from the excitement of his first flight a little, but the cloud cleared when we got closer to Edinburgh and he could look down on the snowy mountains below. He loved it! One funny comment though was when he could see areas of forest against the snow, and because he had no frame of reference, he asked me if it was poo! 😀 I said to him, no, it’s trees, and the look on his face when he looked back and realised it was because they were so far below was priceless!

We went to Edinburgh Zoo for the day, and again, it snowed a LOT! It was too wet to lie, but was at least better than the rain! The zoo was a lot of fun but seemed a little lacking in animals that were willing to show their faces. I guess they didn’t like the snow any better than we did!

The lions could be heard but not seen; the zebras were hiding in the bushes, and (to Ricky’s huge disappointment and my massive irritation at having needlessly climbed a mountain in the snow) the Giant Anteaters were long gone.

They DID have rhinos, a cute pygmy hippo, some stunning and quite incredibly massive sea eagles, and, best of all, a gorgeous koala bear, which I could seriously have taken home! My favourite though were the tapirs, which were really friendly and kind of beautiful. 🙂

The weather cleared when we were heading back to the airport, so the take off on the way home was much more fun for Ricky. He could see up into the Highlands and really enjoy it. That said, even the turbulence in what is locally known as the Vomit Comet couldn’t keep him awake, and he fell asleep as we flew over Ailsa Craig!

A lovely day out- thanks so much to my brothers and Dad for funding a wonderful day out!


Quick update on me- the chest infection is finally lifting, and I really am starting to feel more like myself again.

I am really glad to be getting back on track after everything the last eight months has thrown at me! I am still very easily tired out, but I think this is improving on almost a daily basis. This is just as well, as I really need to get my skates on and get running for this run in May that I am doing!

Work has kind of got on top of me, so I am once again sorry for being behind in everyone else’s blogs. I swear that one of these days I will be back on top of it all!


Invading the dreams of others

My friends Lou and Phil recently moved to Sydney in Australia, having previously lived in New Zealand for a year. I know it’s been a big upheaval for them, but hope that things are settling down now, and that life in Oz will be everything they’ve ever dreamt of.

That said- apparently, Lou has been dreaming about ME! 😛 She sent me an email earlier and I know she won’t mind me posting it for your amusement. 🙂

Hi Suzy,

im just dropping you a line because i had a lovely dream about you last night and i thought you would find it amusing. Basically Phil and i were back home and all of our mutual friends were together in a bar. Pretty usual, except you were the landlady serving everyone drinks and it seemed to be like a local bar for local people (in the league of gentlemen sense). We seemed to be the only ones there (which given our drinking capacity im sure would not have impaired your income). You looked just as you did the last time we saw you before we left for NZ and seemed really happy in your role. I was really happy too, cause im assuming you were giving me mates rates! It was a really comforting happy dream and it resonated with me as soon as i woke up.

I think its all easily explainable though……….i’ve been missing everyone at home, Phil’s cousin in Christchurch just bought a bar in the countryside and as you have always been the consumate hostess, you would be the natural landlady figure. No psychoanaylis required there then! Of course its possible that there is an underlying deep-seated meaning to all of this and in my professional opinon it means that you and Ian should buy a pub in Dunfanaghy and invite everyone down for regular lock-ins!

For those of you who don’t know, The League of Gentlemen is a very bizarre comedy show that we get over here- it’s set in the Yorkshire Dales, is frequently quite bloody and features at times fairly strong horror, but it’s also pant-wettingly funny. I’m not too sure why a pub I run (even in Lou’s subconscious) would be similar to anything featured in The League of Gentlemen. I don’t know what this says about her opinion of me… 😀

For the record though, a lock-in (even if it has to be virtual) sounds like a great plan. Thanks Lou, for making me smile today!

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