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Weird stuff

OK, I still have a temperature, but lay low today and actually feel OK if I have pain killers, so things are, I hope, improving, despite my “woe is me” posts of the last few days. Sorry about that! 😀

Can you tell that mentally, I feel a bit better too? I never was good at keeping these things to myself!

Couple of silly things tonight, apart from my complete u-turn on my “I feel like shit and want to pass my misery on to AAAAALLLL of you” post of yesterday!

Firstly, can I thank my Dad for calling at the house today with a spectacular and very delicious homemade spinach and cheese lasagne for me. He’d heard that spinach was a great anti cancer food, and hand picked his own home grown veggies before cooking it for me. Believe me when I say that fathers DO NOT get any better than my Dad. He is the best person I know- always there when I need him, with love and support, kindness and wisdom, willing to overlook my foul temper and forgive my many shortcomings. Plus he’s a killer cook, great company, whisky connoisseur, and outstanding person in every way. Love you, dad. The lasagne is, in the words of Robbie, DEEEEEEE-di-dous. 😀

Next- my cat is making me very jumpy. Those of you who are regular readers will be familiar with the fact that my cat Max is huge, ginger and white, and as lacking in brainpower as he is lacking in nastiness. He’s scared of Robbie, who persecutes him relentlessly, but he never retaliates, and acts in a very sweet and self sacrificing manner with the kids at all times. Max is not a particularly demonstrative cat when it comes to me. He’s very big, and I am not. Therefore, he finds sitting on my knee normally to be an uncomfortable experience which is best avoided. In his 8 years, he’s maybe sat on my knee three times, for a period of about 30 seconds at a go. Now- the past three days, Max has been on my knee ALL THE TIME. Plus, I’ve not been well, so have been in bed most of the time, and he’s been constantly at my side. Florence Nightingcat. What the hell is the deal? Cats are meant to have ESP- does he know something I don’t??? It’s making me TWITCHY!!!! If I find out at my next scan that there is a spread of this bloody thing that they hadn’t found before, I’ll bloody well know that HE knew first!!!

Lastly, the weather. We have very temperate weather here- it doesn’t get very hot, it doesn’t get very cold. Pretty much the same shit all year round. It rarely snows.

Well, this is the scene from Ricky’s bedroom window yesterday afternoon. It’s not the best picture in the world, but it was snowing pretty good, and although it didn’t really lie, I thought it was blog worthy just because it’s October, and when I was a kid, we regularly went into the sea in Donegal at Halloween!! Crazy for this time of year!


Anyhow- hopefully I won’t whine too much for the next few days. I’m going to try and work tomorrow…

Now- off to reply to all your many comments, which I have been neglecting! 🙂


The most high maintenance cat in the Universe

This is the culprit. His name is Max, he’s 8 years old and possibly the most spoiled, lazy, overfed and high needs cat in the entire world.


Max likes to make his needs known to all the family, in fact, to anyone who is willing to listen. Max can cry extremely loudly and with a persistance which is quite staggering.

Last night, just as I got Robbie back to sleep at 4am, Max began crying loudly from our living room. I soon realised that his problem must be a very serious one (!!!), and staggered downstairs cursing under my breath.

The issue?

Ricky had (gasp!) left a toy on the seat of Max’s favourite armchair, and his demands mainly revolved around me removing said object so that he could climb in and go to sleep. He is so petulant, he didn’t even say thank you.

Things have got to change around here!!!!

One of his main redeeming features, however, is the way he puts up with the kids, who are mind blowingly rough with him- he would never, ever retaliate. Here he is, meeting Ricky for the first time. 😀


I must be grateful for small mercies.


Sometimes it’s the simple things

My Dad recently bought me a bird feeder and a sack of good quality bird food for my garden. He’s a huge friend to the bird world in Ireland, being very closely involved in the Brent Goose project and Whooper Swan project in Ireland. He’s always brought me up to love the outside life, and fostered a keen interest in birdwatching which I hope I can pass on to my own children. I’m very grateful to him for this!

Anyhow, when we lived in Belfast we had very few visitors to our bird feeder, living in a built up part of East Belfast with very few gardens. We were bloody lucky to have a little garden ourselves, even if it was the size of a postage stamp! We got a very few garden birds, but I lost heart when our previously-unblooded cat, the large, brightly coloured and completely brain dead Max, managed to kill one of the pair of blue tits which frequented the little feeder. If that wasn’t bad enough, its mate tragically was so distressed by it’s partner’s death that it just sat there all day looking completely lost, until our revolting cat killed it as well. I was very, very upset- cat’s nature or not- I was very sad.

BUT- new garden, new start! 😀 I have carefully positioned the feeder so that it hangs off a hook on the clothes line, where our nasty little bugger hopefully can’t reach. There’s a lovely view from our kitchen window and I am so, so enjoying watching the birds come and feed. So far, I’ve had goldfinches, greenfinches, great tits, blue tits, a variety of sparrows, and a robin who will not take no for an answer and who hangs on for dear life, wings fluttering frantically as he feeds!

Thanks Dad- a simple but wonderful gift which will give me, and hopefully my children, great pleasure!

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