Life’s out of control

When my life gets busy, the blog is unfortunately the first thing that gets pushed aside. I’m hoping to be back on top of it soon!

Where to start? Well, my little guy Robbie turned two last Friday! We took a few days off work to try and get the house into some kind of order before his party on Saturday, but despite much cleaning and sorting, the place still looks like a bomb’s hit it. As soon as I don’t have vast daycare bills to pay every month, I am going to employ the services of a cleaner. This should have the desired effect of making me clean the house before he or she comes to clean. We really are the biggest pigs.

Anyhow, the weather sucked and Ian ended up cooking all the food on the barbeque in the garden whilst everyone crammed into our tiny house. Leigh’s daughter Sophie and my son Ricky disappeared to his room for an absolute AGE, but they are only four and the only evidence of any misdemeanour in there was the discovery of an empty family sized pack of dolly mixture later on. Apparently Ricky picked out all the pink and orange ones for Sophie. I can only assume that he ate all the rest of them himself.

It cheered up later on and the kids were able to play outside. My Dad had bought Robbie a swing set for his birthday, Ian’s Mum bought a sand pit which can double as a paddling pool, and we bought a slide. The garden is WELL kitted out now and the kids are ecstatic! It has the added bonus of not being inside our stuffed-to-bursting house too!

Robbie really enjoyed his party and I think he had a good birthday. I will post some pics soon but I’m in work and the pics are on Ian’s laptop. I’m only going to post pics of my own family here, but for anyone who’s interested and knows me, there’s lots more on facebook.


My weight has got to the stage where Something Had To Be Done. My neighbour Lynn and her sister Jean have been doing Slimming World’s plan for the past year and have lost eleven stone (that’s 154lb) between them in that time!!!

I felt a bit weird about signing up but I have clearly proved in the past that I can’t do this on my own. I can generally lose about 2-2 1/2 stone (28-35lb or so) working alone, but then I have this awful tendency to start thinking “hey, I don’t look as bad any more!” after which I put it all back on again.

SO- I went Thursday two weeks ago for my first meeting. And it’s going very well!

I had my first repeat weigh in on Thursday last and had already lost 6 1/2lb, but I have to confess that I cheated a bit. On my weigh in on the first night, I wore heavy trousers and left my shoes on. This time, I wore lightweight linen trousers and took my shoes off. Shoot me now. 😛

I make it a loss of 4 1/2 lb or so- but for ten day’s work, bearing in mind I went for dinner with Heather and Jacinta one of the nights and had Robbie’s party in between- I am still pleased with that and will keep going.

There’s an element of competition in it that is good for me too. Those of you who kn0w me in real life know that I have a competitive streak a mile wide. Each week everyone brings a healthy food item with them (I brought a pack of wild rice) and it all goes in a big bag. Whoever has lost the most weight that week gets the bag and all the goodies in it. It’s a good incentive!

So I have a massive amount of weight to lose, but feel good that I have made a proper start now, after months of procrastination. I’m not telling you my weight now, but maybe I will if (WHEN!! 😀 ) I ever get down to where I want to be. 🙂


Leigh and I are completing the Race for Life  this weekend. So, here’s another shameless plug for sponsorship! You can sponsor me at THIS page securely. Thanks to everyone who has already done so- it’s a fabulous cause.

We haven’t been as good with the training as we planned, so it’s going to be more of a fast walk than a run for me and Leigh, I suspect! That bloody hill at Stormont kills us every time we walk up it- running is out of the question, well, maybe DOWN the hill but I can’t see me running up it. Leigh is a nurse, so she can resuscitate me if necessary. I hope. 😛

Looking forward to it anyway! 🙂

ANYHOW- I hope to be back in the blogoshpere properly now as the hecticness in work seems to be calming slightly. I guess it’s pretty bad to be putting my lack of blogging down to being busy in work- I really should be working now!! It’s a bank holiday here but my company is still in. Ian and the kids are away to the open farm, and I wish I was with them!!

Hope my Stateside friends are all enjoying their Memorial Day weekend! 🙂

That’s all for now- this was a long post! If you read it all, you get the prize! 😛


8 Responses to “Life’s out of control”

  1. May 25, 2009 at 3:32 pm

    We have a program here that sounds a lot like what you’re doing and I know that it has worked for a lot of people because of the group support and the accountability of the weigh-ins. I’m competitive as well but I had a difficult time with the meetings.

    I hope the Race For Life goes well and I’m sure that Leigh won’t have to use her nursing skills on you or anyone else! 😀

    I have to get ready to start the grill up, I wish I could play on the swing set with the boys today!

    Oh you POOR thing, getting the grill set up- why can’t Chicago be ten minutes down the road from me?! It’s pouring down here today- yesterday was lovely so we did get to eat outside then. There’s nothing better!

  2. 2 Kim
    May 25, 2009 at 4:14 pm

    Things sound like they’re going well for you (if a little crazy!) and I’m so glad!
    Yes, Heather and I have been discussing weight challenges a lot lately – it seems like almost everyone I know is dealing with it somehow. I know my problem is that I just love food way too much. I don’t know if that will ever change, so the only thing I can do is force myself to exercise, which I’ve been doing lately.
    I know you’re going to have fun at the Race for Life! I hope the weather cooperates.

    The diet I’m doing lets me eat as many carbs as I want, so it’s all good!! I’ll keep going with it, and am excited to be actively doing something. 🙂 Weight gain SUCKS.

  3. May 25, 2009 at 6:16 pm

    Good luck with the Race for Life, am sure you’ll do fine! Hope the sun shines for you 🙂

    Thanks Jo! LOVE your new pic! Very summery and makes me feel all positive about life! 😀

  4. May 25, 2009 at 8:16 pm

    It sounds like we’re at a similar place with our weight issues. Except that you’re miles ahead on the exercise side of it! I’m aiming to start dieting again this week, and started my exercise today in a fairly extravagant way by climbing a mountain!! (In my defence, I didn’t know that it was a mountain – to quote my friend who took me, it was “a bit of a hill”!!! Three hours up and down doesn’t sound like a hill to me!

    Good luck with Race For Life – just think of the sense of achievement once you cross the finish line. It’s amazing!

  5. 5 Bernadette
    May 26, 2009 at 7:21 pm

    I think you are great to do the Run for Life, so walk it ,dance it, run it whatever, that you are now enjoying such good health and energy to do it is what matters, I hope you have a lot of fun, so go for it girl. XXX

  6. May 27, 2009 at 4:52 am

    This sounds a lot like semi-structured chaos…which, I think, is what you are used to having. You “sound” good and come and visit us when you can. try not to watch those pounds so closely. You women and water retention screws up everything. Just get some exercise and continue to make the changes you are working towards. Pounds can be distracting.

  7. 7 Jenny
    May 27, 2009 at 1:20 pm

    You’ll do fine at the Race for Life! Even a fast walk is faster than many people will complete the course. I’m kinda glad that I can’t take part in that any more because it always makes me cry seeing the signs that people have on their backs (both for lost loved ones and successful recoveries). I’d probably blub all over you if I was there this weekend.

    As for housework, forget a cleaner. You need FlyLady. It has transformed our house. Ask Rok about the state he used to find our kitchen in. These days it is spick and span all the time with no noticeable effort on anybody’s part, as is the rest of the house. Amazing. It works for people with kids too.


    Forum is here: http://flyladyforum.blogtalkradio.com/

  8. May 27, 2009 at 11:54 pm

    Good luck with the weight loss, it seems everyone is trying to into shape for the summer, including myself!

    I’ve just returned from Italy and ate way too much pasta!

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