Friday Fortune

This week, my friend Phil is my accomplice! 😀

I have to confess that this reading is my toughest challenge to date. Why? For the simple reason that Phil is a very, VERY old friend- it makes it much harder to be objective. However, as always, I am treating your hand as if you’re a complete stranger and will be trying to keep my preconceptions out of it! 😀

As usual, the disclaimer is in place about this being JUST FOR FUN- anyone who isn’t willing to treat it in this manner should not participate. I do my best to read the palm, but for me it’s a hobby and certainly isn’t meant to be exact or treated as such. Please respect this. 🙂

Phil’s hand-

What your hand says about you-

  • You’re quite an emotional person, and aren’t afraid to demonstrate your feelings. Conversely, though, sometimes you lack self confidence.
  • You like to feel independent, it is very important to you, and you will fight for it.
  • You have a supportive family, and will do all your life.
  • You’re a practical person who is capable of very deep love. You constantly examine your relationship (a little too much perhaps, lol) but give your partner a lot of attention and love.
  • You’re a person who is willing to take responsibility for the direction your life and very much like to be in the driving seat- periods in your life where you don’t feel in control make you feel very insecure.
  • I actually have no clue if there’s any truth in this or not, but there’s an indication of a hospitalisation or illness pretty early in life?? This is probably way off!! 😀
  • You’re a bright spark, and have the ability to concentrate on things for a long time if needed. However sometimes this demonstrates itself as nitpicking, because you can overanalyse things.
  • You’re not interested in being unfaithful to your partner, and never will be. If you’re in a relationship, you take it SERIOUSLY!! 😀
  • You’re emotionally very comfortable with yourself, and tend to go with the flow quite happily. Sometimes this can lead to others seeing you as a “pushover”.

What your future may (or may not) hold-

  • Your middle years are your most stable. Towards the end of your life, you will undergo two pretty momentous changes to your life. These actually won’t be negative changes- and you’ll be in control of them, but they will have a very big impact on your life.
  • You’re going to go back to school sooner or later and will have further academic success.
  • There is only one relationship on your hand- Lou, you are stuck with him. 😀 There are no child lines that I can see, but it is hard to see that part of your hand on the picture and I may be wrong.
  • You’re exceptionally healthy and will be all your life. You are going to live to be exceptionally old, too! 🙂
  • Unsurprisingly, there is a lot of travel indicated on your hand! It looks like you may never fully settle down in one location, too.
  • There is remarkably little stress on your palm. It looks like you’re going to be pretty happy all your life.
  • There is a period in your life, late middle age or so, where someone you love is going to do something to protect you from someone else. You will initially perceive this as interference or worse, but later on will come to very much appreciate what they have done. It will be a big sacrifice for them, and they will do it because they love you.
  • You may never fully decide on a career path, but change career on a number of occasions.
  • You have a windfall coming to you- it will come as a complete surprise and may be as a result of a win of some kind (eg lottery or competition).

Thanks for sending me your pics, Phil- I hope you enjoyed your reading!

Anyone who would like a free reading done should email me as clear a picture as possible of the front and back of the hand they write with to copingwithchaosblog@gmail.com and I will post readings on a first come, first served basis only. I aim to post one a week, but please be patient.

Any thoughts, Phil, Lou or family? 😀


4 Responses to “Friday Fortune”

  1. 1 Phil
    January 10, 2009 at 4:55 am

    Hi Suzy!

    The reading was superb – thanks for doing it. I think it’s pretty spot on so you’re quite good at doing this.

    I was in hospital on my 5th birthday for tonsils so I guess that’s what the early part was – I’m looking forward to more travelling and a full life.

    If your predictions are accurate, I have a happy lif ahead of me 🙂


    What did Lou think of it? Glad you enjoyed! 😀

  2. January 10, 2009 at 7:07 pm

    I was dying to hear his response! You know, since you did such a fabulous job with your two previous ‘customers’. 😀

    I have two more pretty much done and a few more after that which I haven’t started on. It’s fun! 🙂

  3. January 10, 2009 at 11:12 pm

    I think Phil takes excellent care of his hands…mine look like they went through a meat grinder.

    Yeah, I noticed that too! Spot the office worker! 😀

  4. 4 Skry
    January 17, 2009 at 7:27 am

    “There is remarkably little stress on your palm. It looks like you’re going to be pretty happy all your life.”

    I think Phil is like me – we just don’t take things as seriously as a lot of others would. It’s good when life is stressful, as you can kind of switch off, but when people need you to be serious and focused it isn’t great!

    As for my reading, you have me sitting here looking at Phil’s hand, looking at mine and comparing the two! I can see a couple of very striking differences too. You’ve read my palm before, but usually at parties, after a few drinks, with several readings before/after and all of this makes it a bit hard to remember exactly what you have said.

    As soon as I can get it sorted (possibly after the same manacure Phil got :P) I’ll send you my pics. What part of the hand do we need to send you for other predictions? You mentioned that predictions of kids were hard cause Phil’s pic’s didn’t show that area. Should we have a few of the sides of our hands?

    Let me know and I’ll/Jen’ll get snapping 😀

    The marriage/child bits are on the side of the hand beneath the little finger, so sometimes it can look quite shady in pics. It would be really interesting to compare you and Phil’s hands! Get those pics to me, though there are a few people in front of you! 🙂

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