Friday Fortune (early!!)

Posting this a little early because of Christmas- I am not sure when I’ll be around again!

Please note that this is JUST FOR FUN and is not to be taken seriously.

This week’s reading is for my lovely friend Heather. Again, I am trying hard to not let any preconceptions of you influence what I write here!

I can’t get your hand pics to upload into Photobucket for some reason- will try again when I get home! 🙂

What your hand says about you-

  • WOW- confidence and independence from every bit of your hand! You are one strong woman. You’re not afraid to show your emotions.
  • You make an excellent manager and demonstrate strong leadership skills. You’re full of energy and enthusiasm. People in work think of you as a real go-getter and admire your confidence.
  • You connect money to security and feel anxious if you perceive that you don’t have enough! 😀
  • You have a lot of ambition, and get frustrated easily if you feel that others are restricting you or impeding you in some way.
  • You have amazing willpower and there is nothing that can deflect you if you make your mind up about something- others sometimes perceive this as stubborness… 😛
  • You know what you want in love, and you’re not willing to compromise in this area. However, your expectations are realistic and balanced.
  • You’ve always been very independent, even at an early age.
  • You don’t really believe in fate, or in letting it control your life.

What your future may (or may not) hold-

  • You will have two long term relationships, the second of which won’t begin until quite late in life. The first ends very definitely- either death of the partner or a breakup after which you really don’t speak. There are numerous indications on your palm that the second relationship will be the true “love of your life”, that he’ll make you feel wonderful about yourself, and the relationship will be long lasting and extremely happy and positive.
  • You have MANY lines relating to children (like more than ten) but these may not necessarily mean your own children- it could relate to pets that you particularly love, or even the children of friends or family. Both your long term partners will support this.
  • Later in life, you’re going to be less independent, but this will be something you will actively seek out, rather than lose due to illness or something else.
  • Your middle years are going to be a little frustrating as you feel your life is sometimes out of control. In your later years, you are firmly back in the driving seat, have good health and lots of energy!
  • There is a very definite turning point in your middle years, something will happen which will make you say NO MORE, and this is the key to your future happiness. Once you’ve made this (very momentous) decision, there’s evidence of great resilience, you will easily shrug off several attempts to make you revert to the previous situation but you will be having none of it, no doubt demonstrating that immense personal strength and willpower mentioned above! 😀
  • The above decision can be seen in two very clear parts of your hand! There is evidence of a lot of feelings of disappointment on your part.
  • You’re going to have money, and it’s going to be business related. Have you considered inventing something? Your hand says you could come up with some seriously good money spinning ideas!
  • Travel doesn’t feature massively on your hand- could be that you’re a bit of a homebody! 😀

I hope you enjoyed it, Heather! I’m so keen to know which bits you think are accurate (if any, ha ha) and which aren’t.

Happy Christmas everyone! 🙂

Thanks to everyone who has emailed me their hands- next week, it’s Phil‘s turn!

Anyone who would like a reading done should email a clear picture of the front and back of their writing hand to copingwithchaosblog@gmail.com

I am aiming to do one a week on a first come first served basis. Once again, it’s for fun, so please do not take it seriously, even though I try and do my best I am not a professional, in fact I am a complete beginner! 😀

4 Responses to “Friday Fortune (early!!)”

  1. December 24, 2008 at 5:51 pm

    Wow, Suzy! That’s actually pretty dead on. Especially the ‘stubborness’ part. 🙂

    I think I’ve already been through one of the loves with the breakup and not speaking already. Wonder what’s going to happen to me now? 😉

    I love children, I just don’t want any of my own so I’m sure all those little ones in my life, like you said, belong to my friends or are my furry kids. You’re not the first person to tell me they saw children in my future during a reading. (I’ll have to tell you about that sometime.)

    I uploaded the pics to my flickr if you want to grab them there. I’m going to post a link to your entry so my friends can put their two pennies in too.

    Thank you for taking the time and putting such effort into this. You’re such a sweetheart.

    I’m glad you thought it was fairly accurate! Thanks for taking part and I hope you enjoyed! 🙂

  2. December 24, 2008 at 7:24 pm

    I might invest some money with Heather and her future business endeavors.

    I think we all should- she’s a tough cookie and shrewd businesswoman, lol!

  3. 3 Kim
    December 24, 2008 at 8:52 pm

    From everything I know about Heather in the short time I’ve been getting to know her, this was pretty dang accurate!
    Very cool.
    Have a fun Christmas!

    I don’t know how accurate it is, but it’s all good fun. 🙂 Thanks Kim!

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