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A Very Different Haircut!

Well, the fateful day has finally come.

My hair was coming out in great big massive chunks, and as I want to donate it to a children’s charity, I thought I should act before there was nothing left to donate! So, this morning, feeling not too cheerful, I made the call to the hairdresser who cuts my sons hair (and Ian’s too, when he can be half assed!!) and asked if she could do it.

She kind of put me on the spot by telling me to come on down- I’d somehow imagined that she’d say to come on Friday or Monday, but it’s probably been a good thing in hindsight that I didn’t have time to think about it too much.

Julie owns Black Knights Hairdressing in Ballygowan- I know how kind she is because of how she has dealt with Ricky in the past, and I knew she’d deal with the situation sensitively. She whisked me into a back room and discussed what was needed. I was shaking like a leaf when I got there, but she really put me at my ease and made it so easy.

I got my hair taken down to a number 2. I can’t bear the big clumps which come out in your hands when washing your hair at this stage, so this way, any bristles will just go down the plug hole. I am hoping this will make the process less painful and difficult.

Julie was also kind enough to style my new wig for me. It was a bit too long for my comfort, and the fringe wasn’t easy to deal with. She cut and layered it for me, and I am pleased with the results, though it will take a while to get used to it all!

Emotionally, I am dealing with this much better than I thought I would. I thought I would sit and cry while she did it, but I wore the now-compulsory red lippy, gave myself a stiff pep talk on the way down about how it was only hair, to stop being so bloody melodramatic, and to remember why I was doing this. It worked pretty well. The only tears I have shed today have been when I was washing my hair before I left, and it was all coming out. That was hard.

So- I live to fight another day!! I’m even more comfortable with my nearly baldy head than I thought I would be. It’s bloody cold though. I hadn’t realised how warm my hair was keeping me! It’s not just the head itself, but my shoulders where my hair normally goes. Hmmm. I will put the heating on!

Many thanks to Julie, for giving me courage to get through this, and for being such a kind person, and for giving me a great haircut!

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