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Not that you will have noticed…

I’ve just got back from hospital, where I’ve been since Saturday morning!

Unfortunately, despite feeling fine on Friday, my white blood cell count (hereon known as wbc) plummeted further, so I was feeling really cruddy when I got up on Saturday. I phoned the hospital and was admitted when it was found that I had a UTI and that my wbc had got dangerously low (1.4 for those of you who know what such things mean!! I think the normal range is 4.3 to 11.8).

It was my first experience of being on a dedicated oncology ward, and it was pretty humbling. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I was by a very long way the least worst off person there. Still, you know you’re in trouble when every room on the ward is a private one, and you get free tv… 😀 I sincerely hope I will not have to ever return there, though the staff were wonderful. It’s just that it made me realise to an extent how things could end up, and I really don’t want to concentrate on that right now. There were people there who were in so much pain, and with no conceivable hope of improvement in their condition, that it really, really made me wonder why euthenasia is still illegal for cases like that. Just my opinion, but it is a serious one. I feel for them.

So- three nights and many rounds of IV antibiotics later… I also had these charming injections to make my bone marrow produce more wbc’s. This resulted in aching bones, especially lower back, ribs and pelvis, and reminded my of the scene in Harry Potter where Gilderoy Lockhart accidentally removes the bones from Harry’s arm, and he then has to take medicine to make them grow back! 🙂

I feel fine again and am relieved to be let home!

My next round of chemo is next Tuesday, and on Wednesday I will get an injection to try and prevent this from happening next time.

Also, my picc line was well and truly knackered, so I had the very special joy this afternoon of having it removed and a new one put in. 🙂

Thanks to everyone for all your comments in my absence- I promise I will get to replying to them all, but the kids are about to get home and I need to get some stuff done before then!

Phew- good to be home and feeling fine! 🙂


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