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A Change in Scenery

I changed my header- my beloved trees in Ards Forest Park must now make way for the magnificent Glenveagh in Co. Donegal. πŸ™‚

Also, those of you who aren’t wordpress bloggers now are assigned little monsters for your comment avatars. I like the way each individual monster seems to remember that particular commenter. Corey, yours makes me laugh especially, for some reason! Maybe it’s the fact that it has huge fangs, when you’re possibly the least ferocious person I know! πŸ˜€ In a VERY good way!!!

I just felt like a change!



Hmmm…a bit of a discouraging afternoon.

I went to the hospital for my “ten day check up” after my first round of FEC chemotherapy. Although the first week was very rough, especially last weekend, I’ve been feeling great since about Tuesday evening, and felt pretty optimistic going for my appointment today.

First setback- my PICC line wouldn’t work! I’m so pissed off! They flush it with water first and then draw bloods through it. The flush went in as usual, but nothing came back when they tried to draw the blood. They tried everything, but to no avail, so I had to get stuck with yet another needle for my blood sample. It’s very disappointing, bearing in mind the hassle of getting the bloody thing installed in the first place, and that it’s only been in for two weeks. 😦 They tell me that it happens sometimes, but I could tell from the nurse’s face that it doesn’t happen very often, and she said she hoped it was just a temporary thing, but again, she didn’t reeeallly look all that convinced! Worst case scenario, I will have to have the PICC replaced- ALREADY- which I am not too chuffed about.

I then waited for my blood results to come back. The nurse came back, and wanted to take my temperature. As I was feeling fine, I was really surprised when it came back well up. Without a trace of irony, my first response to this was “but I’m not sick!” which made even me laugh… πŸ˜›

Then, when my bloods came back, my white blood cell count was so low that they nearly admitted me. 😦 It’s very disappointing, given that I feel so well. I’ve been warned that I’ll probably get every bug under the sun. Ricky has chosen this moment to get a cough, and of course being three has no clue about covering his mouth when he coughs! πŸ™‚ I’m supposed to be giving him a wide berth- but COME ON!!! He’s my son, and our house isn’t big. Let’s live in the real world! If I get sick, I will deal with it.

So, I left the hospital in the pissing rain feeling decidedly fed up. The situation was compounded when I decided to stop at Tesco’s on the way home to get pizza for dinner (yes, and chocolate pudding too. It had been that kind of trip to the hospital). It was POURING with rain, but as I got parked right at the door I thought I’d make a run for it. I went on my hoop, skinning both my knees!

A devastatingly gorgeous man came running out of Tesco’s to my assistance, but even that couldn’t cheer me up and I don’t think I was very gracious… πŸ˜€

Am I Unlucky Alf, or what?!!!


Mini Him?

I posted a few days ago about how Robbie looks a bit like me and I wondered if people thought he was my Mini Me.

I commented at the time how much Ricky looks like Ian- and finally found an old school picture of Ian as a child. Again, the quality is poor! What do you think? Ian is probably about six or seven in this picture.


Ricky during the summer-


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