You won’t believe it, but…

They changed their minds AGAIN!!!!

My veins are crap. They now want to give me a PICC line (pronounced pick) which will stay in the whole way through the chemo. It’s like a permanent vent in my arm so they can take bloods and give drugs without having to find a suitable vein each time. I am getting that done on Thursday, and start chemo on the 30th as originally planned. Honest to goodness, I am so sick of it, lol!

The oncologist also told me I’d be getting a bone scan in the next few weeks. It’s the only thing I haven’t had done yet.

I bought a wig on ebay earlier (gulp) it wasn’t expensive, so if it doesn’t look good, I will just relist it and no harm done. I think it might be fun though to experiment a bit, as much as funds will allow! I will post pics once it arrives, just for fun!

My friend Jenny suggested Noriko wigs, and there are a couple I’ve found that I like, so will try and get the best price. The health service here will also provide me with one free on the government.

So, that’s the plan….for now at least….

2 Responses to “You won’t believe it, but…”

  1. September 22, 2008 at 3:18 am

    I guess Doctors are like politicians about changing their minds.

    Try a blond wig!!!!!!

    Hmmm…I might just do that…muhahahaaaaa!!!!

  2. 2 emma
    September 22, 2008 at 1:45 pm

    Suzy, are you 100% sure you will lose your hair? Have they told you so? I thought it was questionable and didn’t happen to everyone? If it’s for sure, then you are certainly right to experiment and see what other styles might suit you. For all you know, you may find you should have been a curly blond for years! You will never have a better excuse for a radical or potentially dodgy hairstyle. Still no baby here (!!!!) bored out of my mind. xx

    Emma, yup, they’ve told me that the hair thing is not optional- I think the chemo they are giving me is pretty aggressive, the oncologist described the hair loss as “inevitable”. So yes, I am going to experiment! Sorry you’re still with child and bored! The last few days of pregnancy are the very worst! xxx

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