An apology and clarification!

I must have, in the heat of the moment, not written my post yesterday about the trip to the oncologist clearly enough.

I’ve received a lot of messages to the effect of “thank God you don’t have cancer!” but sadly this is not the case.

The right breast still has two cancerous tumours. Those need to be dealt with immediately.

The left breast has a lump in it- they did a biopsy on that lump which apparently showed cancer cells, so they initially told me it was a cancer too (of course). They then took larger biosies of both sides on Wednesday. The one from the right side confirmed the cancer, but they are now saying that the lump on the left side does not show any cancer cells.

So- that’s why I am feeling so confused. I’ve heard of false positives on mammograms and MRI’s before, but don’t understand how they can find cells one minute and then not the next.

Many apologies to anyone who got confused by my last post! I don’t think I was thinking too clearly, because even though one boob has apparently got a reprieve, I felt very angry about the results. I still am, mainly because I don’t understand how this has happened.

Also, I just want them to treat me! We’re nearly three weeks from my initial diagnosis and I feel like no progress is being made at all, whilst the evil cells are merrily dividing away as I sit here and type!! AHHHH!!!

OK, thanks for letting me get that out!! I am heading up to Coleraine for the day to spend some time with my Aunt, who will spoil me rotten and treat me like visiting royalty!! 😀

5 Responses to “An apology and clarification!”

  1. 1 novice101
    August 16, 2008 at 9:37 am


    Go to your aunt and be recharged. Rejoice that one breast is free of cancer cells.

  2. August 16, 2008 at 6:58 pm

    I do hope you are spoiled like MAD! 🙂 Hugs friend! I do hope some action against Cancer happens FAST!!!!!!

  3. 4 Skry
    August 18, 2008 at 3:47 am

    I’m sorry that you’re getting the runaround Suzy. It must be hard not having a clear direction to get through this. I hope you get some answers soon, and that you can lay the smack down on whoever is messing your results around! You’ll feel better when you’ve given the doctors some agro 😛

    Don’t know why it works like this, but usually shouting a lot can make you feel good. Just look at Bjork – she’s always screaming and shouting and you never see her without a smile!

  4. 5 Cheri
    August 18, 2008 at 7:32 am

    get super spolied my friend.
    I hope you start getting some solid answers and treatmean asap.
    (((((Many Hugs)))))

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