Dunlewy Centre, Co. Donegal

OK, this is my last post about our holiday, I promise! I use this blog partly as a diary, so sorry for spamming you all!

One of the days on our break, we took the kids to the Dunlewy Centre, at the base of Errigal, which is the biggest mountain in the region.


The Dunlewy Centre is a great place to spend some time if you have kids and are in the area. There’s a museum which covers the way of life in the area about 100 years ago (including a slide presentation which MUST offend English visitors. The area is rife with history of eviction and destitution, and to be fair English landlords were responsible for a lot of that, but the slide show is done in quite a confrontational and agressive way. Clearly old wounds are slow to heal!), and a number of interesting buildings showing how life used to be.



There’s a good but slightly rickety children’s playground, which both of our boys loved and which caters for a lot for different age groups. Also for the kids there is a bouncy castle, one of those rodeo bull machines and a pond for pedallos.

They have a farmyard too, with donkeys, pigs, sheep and a variety of chickens and other fowl. The animals look like they could be better cared for- the byres are filthy. Having horses myself if kind of upsets me. However the kids enjoy it.


There’s a decent cafe which serves a good choice of food and it’s really lovely on the inside, with a huge open fire and wonderful views of the mountains.

One of the main draws, though, is the boat ride you can take on the lake. This give panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and an interesting little speech on local areas and history. The kids love it! The surrounding countryside is spectacular- very beautiful and dramatic.


In hindsight, it may not have been the best day to do it. The kids had slept very poorly, so therefore so had we, and tempers on all sides were rather frayed. Still, the kids had a good time! I think we just needed more sleep!

1 Response to “Dunlewy Centre, Co. Donegal”

  1. July 24, 2008 at 5:35 pm

    Post away, the pictures are great. I am sure a good Irishman needs to stick it to the English whenever possible.

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