The Rosses, Co. Donegal

Warning, long post…I have too much to say it would seem! Certainly, I have too many photos! 😀

During our recent holiday, we spent a couple of days around The Rosses, an area on the west coast of County Donegal which encompasses a mountainous region and wonderful granite cliffs, and the beaches are absolutely to die for.

Our favourite beach is probably at Carrick Finn, close to a tiny (even after recent expansion) airport which now ferries people from both around Ireland and Scotland to this amazingly scenic region. I often look at the little planes flying in (you know, the sort known in Ireland as “vomit comets” 😀 ) and wish I was on board because it must be one of the most beautiful places to fly into anywhere in the world, bar none.

Ricky had THE best time at Carrick Finn last year, spending the afternoon with a little Scottish girl called Holly who was just the cutest thing ever. They spent the day catching hermit crabs in the shallow water and looking for fish. The beach is so safe it’s untrue, in a natural harbour so even in windy conditions, it’s flat calm and slopes very gently. Brilliant if you’re holidaying there with kids!

Regrettably, this year the weather wasn’t so kind- rather chilly and threatening rain- we started out along the beach and suddenly a sharp shower came and got us!! We all ended up galloping for the car! Here are some pics anyway, for what it’s worth!

Ricky in typical, “I’m about to go and find something taller than me, climb up on it and JUMP” pose…


A natural harbour


Brotherly love- though in reality, they were saying something approximating to “f me, it’s cold!”


Some scenery-



Another of our outings involved a trip to a restaurant called Skipper’s, at Burtonport. We’ve been to this place many times before, both for the lovely seafood and friendly, child-appreciative service, so we almost always head there when we’re in the region. They’ve just been refitted, and it looks great on the inside. I had seafood kebabs for lunch, which were absolutely outstanding. Ian had scampi which was also great. Robbie had some yummy soup and Ricky some pasta- they really should serve some sauce on the children’s pasta- plain tagliatelle and cheese is not appetising! The puds looked phenomenal, but the kids had sadly got restless and we had to forgoe. Later, we deeply regretted not asking if they could pack us up a couple of portions and we could have had them at home. If you’re in the area, it’s very worthwhile to visit, very close to the harbour at Burtonport.

After our meal, we visited a local beach which I hadn’t visited before (beaches in the region are all spectacular and two a penny!). We had a lovely walk there, the kids had a ball and it was, as with everywhere else in the region, visually stunning. Robbie is walking really well now and was able to walk most of the way. The main problem is keeping him out of the sea these days!

I always find the “car driving off the pier” signs amusing, for some reason. Less amusing is the memorial to a fishing disaster in the area 25 years ago. Very sad, and the area was littered with little crosses in memorium.


I think this is a fascinating beach- look at the boulders of granite against the sea and beach, and the tide line on the cliffs. Stunning!


Ricky in “I’m gonnie jump” mode…


I find myself wondering what feat of nature left these boulders here all those millennia ago!



At the top-


At the bottom- rolls eyes-


OK, so my oldest son is something of a stunner, ha ha! And doesn’t he know it too!


Robbie directs his Daddy-


So, noone else is going to photograph me obviously…so here I am for those of you who don’t know me! Excuse the lack of makeup and hair do…


A lovely region- definitely worth a LONG look if you’re in Ireland!


3 Responses to “The Rosses, Co. Donegal”

  1. July 16, 2008 at 11:28 pm

    I love being at the water (not summer beach). There is something about the sound of the water that is soothing to me.

    We rented a cabin on a river and you could just open the window at night and fall asleep to the sound of the rushing water on the river and feel the cool breeze. Nothing better.

  2. July 17, 2008 at 11:15 pm

    You guys have the most gorgeous scenery there! While we don’t have the beach, we do have some huge boulders like that. The kids love to climb them.

  3. 3 mjb
    May 6, 2009 at 11:58 pm

    This is the most amazing scenery and beaches to die for it is just a pity more people would not visit and make us wealthy ha! we have a lot of famous people in our area as well we have once upon a time celtic goalkeeper packie bonner and the one and only daniel o’ donnell plus lots more in our forgotten DONEGAL LIKE FAMOUS RESTURANTS,ETC!

    Hi there, thanks for your comment! 🙂 If you read more of my blog you’ll see that I love your part of the world and try to promote it as much as I can!!

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