We’re home from Donegal!

Well, we’re home! We had a great time, though the weather was unseasonably cold for July, even for Ireland. It kept dry most of the time, though, so we had a great outdoorsey time anyhow. I had packed fine for the boys, but ludicrously optimistically for myself, so wished I had some winter clothes with me! You win some, you lose!

I’ll be posting loads of pics over the next few days. Those of you who are my personal friends can check out loads of pics of the family on my facebook page and those of you from my baby boards can expect to be spammed in days to come!

The boys had a great time- Robbie had his first encounters with the sea (from a going-in point of view!) and LOVED it. Ricky had an even better time than last year! His main hobby this holiday was “climbing onto stuff and jumping off”, which I think amused him more than it did me and Ian. He also developed an amazingly annoying habit of flat out refusing to walk anywhere and wanting to be carried on Ian’s shoulders all the time. The below is an accurate assessment of how Ian spent the holiday-


Ricky also got an ear infection last Tuesday, which kind of ruined a few days, poor wee love, he was miserable. Robbie has now got the flu, so is also miserable! It never rains but it pours.

Here are a few pics of the house in Dunfanaghy and the village, mainly for those in New Zealand who know and love it well. Miss you guys!

House is in the terrace in the middle of the pic-


The view from outside the house-


One of my very favourite things about the house!!


Oh, I also went out on a horse on the beach for an hour too. The hotel across the road from the house does beach rides. I really enjoyed myself- it was a gorgeous afternoon and the views of the mountains and sea were wonderful. I was crippled the next day though- age is telling!!!

Lots more to come over the next few days!


1 Response to “We’re home from Donegal!”

  1. 1 Lou
    July 17, 2008 at 4:39 am

    I love that fireplace! Usually when Phil and I stayed we would bring a blow-up mattress and sleep beside the dying fire which still mananged to keep us warm for most of the night. It was very kind of your family to let us stay there, even when it was just the two of us. That house brings back so many good memories. đŸ™‚

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