Big changes coming for my kids

Ricky is starting nursery school in September. They are both in daycare at the moment, which is good but for the first time this will be a formal learning environment. smile.gif

Ricky has somehow been accepted into a REALLY wonderful school that I didn’t even dare to hope he’d get into. They only have 26 pre school places, and the primary school attached to it is absolutely first rate. Plus Robbie should get in no bother now as well when the time comes. woot.gif

We both work full time, and unfortunately need before/after school and holiday cover for the boys. Our existing daycare provider don’t do drop offs and pick ups, so we’ve had to look into finding a new place for Ricky.

We went to look at a place right beside the school last week, and it’s fine. It’s also cheaper than we’re paying at the moment, about £300 or $600 a month cheaper which is not to be sneezed at! My only reservation is that I think they have fewer carers per child than there are at our existing place. However needs must… 533.gif

They also have a place for Robbie, and we’ve come to the decision to move both the boys to the new place mid July to give them time to adjust to the new regime before Ricky starts school in September.

I’m terrified about the move. Ricky’s been there since he was six months old and has obviously made good friends and strong bonds with his peer group. Robbie has settled in there really well. The girls who care for them have become friends and they are SO good with the kids.

Plus- this is the biggest thing- the kids spend all day, every day, five days a week in this place. It is vitally important to me that they are happy at daycare. So, it is going to be a big “removal of comfort blanket” to me as well as to them to move them. unsure.gif

I have to drop the forms off to the new daycare place tomorrow and will then have to give notice to our existing provider. I’m sure they won’t bat an eyelid, but it feels like handing in my notice at work or something!! biggrin.gif

The new place has a bedding in period, so Ian and I have taken three week’s leave in July. The first two weeks will be spent on holiday in Donegal with the boys, and the third week will be spent getting them used to the new place.

That also means that for the month of July, we won’t be shelling out the usual £1200/ $2500 a month daycare fee- which will certainly help us enjoy ourselves on holiday! laugh.gif

Obviously we’re talking to Ricky a lot about it. He’s very excited about going to school and makes me drive past it all the time! laugh.gif However no matter how many times I tell him that his existing peer group aren’t going there (none of them got in blink.gif ) I don’t think he is registering that yet. I’m trying to concentrate on how many new friends he’s going to make.

Robbie, I clearly can’t prepare as well. I don’t know what I can do. 533.gif

Thanks for letting me get this out- it’s causing me stress but I hope it will work out for the best for everyone. smile.gif

1 Response to “Big changes coming for my kids”

  1. May 26, 2008 at 4:12 pm

    Change can always be tough for the kids. I have never really mastered the ability to accept change very well. Finding another family with a child in that same program may help ease the adjustment period for them. There would be someone familiar to them to be around.

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