I **think** I fixed it!

I reported a while ago that I bought a gorgeous long cardigan on ebay which I then discovered stank of mothballs/smoke and I was incredibly disappointed because it was something I’d been trying to get hold of for ages! Here’s the link, I can never seem to work out hyperlinking on here, even though Sara tried to tell me how before- sorry for being so thick Sara!


ANYHOW!!! When staying at my Aunt’s house last weekend, she had her great friends Desmond and Liz in for drinks, and the subject came up. Liz suggested dousing the garment in handwash cleaner and fabric softener overnight, weighted down in very little water and lots of cleaner. So, I put it in my pressure cooker 😀 overnight as described, then put it in a main wash, and to my delight, I do believe we’ve cracked it!

This was a very expensive cardigan (OK, so I got it at a knockdown rate on ebay, but still) so I will be utterly delighted if it turns out that I can wear it without my colleagues calling me “Stinky Suzy”. Well, no more than usual anyhow. Bearing in mind that I spent today being told by one of the engineers, “I can see your bra”. When I asked why it was that he was looking, he replied, very INSULTINGLY, “Any port in a storm”- so Gareth Thompson, if you are reading this, you’re going to be sent to Derry and Dublin EVERY time a call comes in for the next three months or so, and let that be a lesson to you!!!

Thanks to Liz for pointing out what should have been an obvious solution! You ROCK!!!

1 Response to “I **think** I fixed it!”

  1. April 30, 2008 at 2:36 am

    Not being stinky is an excellent thing to strive for. If you can be stylin’ too, more power to you!

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