We have words!

My little son Robbie, who turned ten months on 22nd March, has just started saying his first few words. So far, we’ve had Dada, Mama and something which was meant to be Grandpa (kind of Gapa). He’s trying SO hard- if I talk at all he mimics what I’m saying as best he can. If I talk to him directly- which I do a lot- he watches my face so closely and carefully! When I praise him for the massive progress he’s making, he cracks up, laughs and grins- he is so delighted with himself!

He is desparate to communicate with his older brother Ricky, who is three. Ricky luckily wants to be friends too! I am sure their growing friendship must be a huge incentive to my little guy as he learns to talk.

I do sometimes feel like he’s growing up too fast, and is practically a toddler already, but I am also excited and exhilarated by the progress he’s making!

I’m so proud of both my sons. Ricky is being so supportive of Robbie as he learns all of these new skills, and is always loving and sweet to him. I hope they’ll always be close.

 Oh, post script too- Robbie got his fifth tooth over the weekend! 🙂

1 Response to “We have words!”

  1. April 1, 2008 at 5:00 pm

    What I love about the time between Robbie and Ricky is that you finally get to hear what they are thinking and how their brain really works.

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