Some Recent Ricky Funnies

Being three years old, Ricky is of course massively entertaining! I love how the mind of a three year old works- the logic which can be so hard to constructively interfere with… 🙂

I was selling a pair of jeans on Ebay yesterday. They are those fashionable “slouch” jeans which I have decided are really more suitable to a twenty something than a thirty something! I feel like mutton when wearing them. So, I thought they could do with a new home. Ricky was looking over my shoulder as the listing neared its end last night.

 Ricky- Are you buying those, Mummy?

Me- No honey, I am selling them.

Ricky- Why?

Me- (thinking honesty was the best policy) Because they are more suited to a younger person.

Ricky- why don’t you give them to Daddy? He looks much younger than you! 😀

Also, my Dad loves to wind Ricky up, telling him that Robbie is called Fred (don’t know why…sigh!) He was doing this on Sunday to Ricky, and sometimes takes it a little bit too far, so Ricky will be yelling “He’s ROBBBBBBIIIIEEEEEE!!!!” and I have to step in…

After my Dad went to walk his dogs, Ricky said to me, “Mummy, why does Grandpa say Robbie is called Fred?” and I said “He’s only winding you up, love, don’t worry about it”, to which he responded “Well, I wish he wouldn’t wind me up. It makes me TIRED!” 🙂

Oh, and I couldn’t work out why, when I was mucking out my horses on Sunday, he kept asking me for a paint brush. Only after about 15 minutes did I find that he had emptied a large bucket of engine oil (jet black, thick and gloopy) over the floor of the barn and would presumably have set to work on redecorating if a paint brush had been immediately available- YIKES! My bad for not keeping a closer eye on him! I could see him and hear him at all times, but I was working away and he was just pottering about like he always is- I had no idea Dad had left that there!! I’m scared that next winter, Robbie will no longer be content to sit in his buggy and watch while I muck out!

Ughh…when I started writing this I could think of a lot more things! 😀


2 Responses to “Some Recent Ricky Funnies”

  1. 1 Leigh
    April 2, 2008 at 9:37 am

    3 is the age to be, they are so funny !! We get endless amusement from Soph, she has naturally perfect comic timing and we honestly wonder where she gets it from. I started keeping a little book of Sophie-isms for when shes older because they just come thick and fast and you do forget them. Its their honesty and lack of consideration, so if your bums big, you’re going to be told, Soph almost got me into a fight when shopping by pointing out a man with the most crazy beard I ever saw, she was pointing and laughing and started saying ” he looks a little bit funny and a little bit mad” ( which was true, I totally undermined my consideration for other peoples feelings speech by barely keeping a straight face ….shame)My all time favourite was when we were off to Innishowne and Stu was trying to keep her amused on the journey, she said all doe eyed ” Oh Dad, you’re so funny….” Cue Stu, puffing up with pride…only for Soph to finish the sentence with ” looking”, we still say that to each other , she also invented Stus nickname- smelly beard !! Ricky and Soph really have to meet, although Soph may be a bad influence on him.. !!!

  2. 2 Jenny
    April 5, 2008 at 5:47 am

    That is so funny about the jeans! Slightly less funny about him wanting to paint with engine oil 🙂

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