Diet- back on the straight and narrow

Well, the new scales are now in and I don’t have any more excuses, so it’s back on the diet for me today!

Of course, I’m going for dinner with my friends Heather and Jacinta tomorrow night, so I’m probably going to fall at the first fence, but I will try to keep it down to a dull roar.

My diet consists of trying to keep fat to a minimum and reduce my carb intake a little (but not to a massive extent, certainly not Atkins style). I try to stick within a daily calorie bracket of 1000-1250, especially as I am short- 5ft 1in. I eat as much raw and fresh fruit and veg as possible. I do buy low fat ready meals for my lunches in work, as somehow I feel like I’ve eaten more when it’s something hot, and sandwiches are so full of calories and fat, it’s hard to find one which tastes decent for my calorie allowance. Also, if I buy five ready meals on a Monday morning and leave them in the fridge, there’s no excuse for me to go to the shop at lunch times and be tempted!

I’m also going to make a concerted effort to be more active. I get very little exercise during the week as the kids are only really in bed by 9pm and then I have to start cooking dinner for me and Ian, but with the evenings getting longer, I’m thinking I can work in a walk sometimes!

I read a good article recently that said you were being unrealistic if you thought you could be good all the time, and that if you were being good 80-90% of the time, you were doing well! I hope I can stick to that!

I’m not really ready yet to share my current weight with the world…only my girls at the Common Ground know that, and they’re pretty good at keeping secrets, lol…maybe sometime down the line (in about 20lb’s time) I will be ready. I might try and post about once a week on how my diet is going though, just so I can (with luck) look back in a few months and say I’ve come a long way. 🙂


1. Lose about 1-2lb a week

2. Try and stick within a 1250 daily calorie allowance

3. Eat more raw fruit and veg

4. Exercise more, and put more effort into the exercise I do get

5. NOT throw in the towel at the first sign of trouble!


1 Response to “Diet- back on the straight and narrow”

  1. March 5, 2008 at 4:42 pm

    Good luck! You can do it! Once you carve out the time for yourself it’ll happen!

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