Self worth

Ricky is three, and becoming more and more self aware. One of the most important aspects of this development, for me, is that he grows up secure and happy. Of course, this is true for any decent parent, but it’s sometimes hard to know if you’re doing your best to foster it!

For us, one of the biggest turning points, believe it or not, has been for me to say “I’m proud of you” to Ricky when he achieves even the smallest of things. For example, getting spaghetti on his fork without help, or even just picking up after himself without me asking! He LOVES being told this- and will often solicit it- asking “Are you proud of me, Mummy?” when he does something he thinks I’ll like!

I find this very endearing and am sure to make a huge fuss of him!

 This evening, he learned another phrase that he will (I know) use to good manipulative effect in the weeks and months to come- “I will ALWAYS love you, Mummy”. Now, while him saying this makes me practically drop to the floor in a swooning, my-son-is-so-wonderful kind of way, I am perfectly well aware that he is simply repeating back to me what makes HIM feel good when I say it. And that’s no bad thing! To me, that says that he’s learning important social cues on how to make others feel good. It makes me ecstatically happy that he feels secure and happy. Surely that’s one of the most important things when growing up- knowing you have the support and love of those around you.

 I hope he’ll grow up never feeling embarrased to tell me that he loves me, and that I will never stop telling him I’m proud of him. I always am.


1 Response to “Self worth”

  1. March 5, 2008 at 5:10 am

    what a wonderful post Suzy. You are a shining star in my book. Ricky is ever lucky to have you.
    Thanks for the smile.

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