At last! He finally sleeps!

Wow- my beautiful little son has finally given me the gift of a good night’s sleep.

 I woke up at about 4am, and then lay in bed sweating because he hadn’t had me up yet. Finally I crept to his bedroom door so I could listen to him breathe. I still do that sometimes with Ricky, who is over 3 years old now, I wonder if that “oh shit, what am I going to do if something’s wrong” feeling will ever leave me! Probably in 15 year’s time, Ricky and Robbie will be waking up in the middle of the night to find me hiding out, stalker-esque, in the corner of the room.

I hope not, because it would be kind of creepy…

Anyhow, I managed to wake him up in the process, so I guess my stealthiness isn’t so hot these days. BUT he was only up for about ten minutes and then slept on until I woke him at 6.45am!

Last night was also the first night ever when Robbie has been put to bed by bottle, not boob, and only given bottle during the night. I wonder if he’s trying to tell me something! 😦

I think I should start a support group called “Addicted to Breastfeeding Anonymous”. Though I’d probably be the only member! I never thought I’d make it this far- my goal was to do it for six months- we’re now well over the nine month mark- and I’m proud of my achievement, but now that he has teeth, it’s getting less comfortable and, once I can get past my own (rather pathetic) psychological need to continue, I will be ready to be done.

Hmmm…if last night is anything to go by, maybe he is ready to be done too. Waaaahhhhh!


2 Responses to “At last! He finally sleeps!”

  1. 1 bits of myself
    February 28, 2008 at 3:25 pm

    congrats on the nine months! that is really, really wonderful. 🙂

    congrats on the good night’s sleep, too. 😉

    just my own unsolicited two cents here – your “psychological need to continue” is absolutely not pathetic. please don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. you are the mama and only mama knows best!

  2. February 29, 2008 at 6:38 am

    oh Suzy. yeah for good sleep. Please don’t put yourself down about the breastfeeding. I am holding on tight to it myself and Sugar is 3. There is really nothing like the bonding of breastfeeding.


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