ARCHIVE- Robbie’s Birth Story

Please ignore if you’ve already read- I just want this where I can read it from time to time! đŸ™‚

Robbie’s birth story!


Robbie’s birth storyIan is giving Ricky his bath so here goes and am hoping I can get this typed up before Robbie wakes again!

We got to the hospital as planned for about 7.30am on the morning of 5.22.07 for my scheduled c-section. We got checked in and were told we were fourth on the list for that day, but that they expected it would be around lunch time.

After what seemed like an interminable wait, we eventually got the call about 2pm to go down to surgery. Then we hit the first problem! We had to walk to surgery- with me wearing a backless surgical gown and no underwear- and I forgot to bring my bath robe with me… so long story (and a lot of hysterical laughter later) I ended up with two royal blue surgical gowns on, one the wrong way round, and this white sheet draped round me! I looked like something from a junior school nativity play but as the midwife commented, I was hardly the Virgin Mary!

We got to surgery and there was a huge team waiting to do their work- I think there must have been fifteen or so people, between anaesthesiologists, dr’s and a variety of nursing staff. They all introduced themselves, and then they ushered Ian out so they could prep me. It was incredible- the head honcho kind of clapped his hands and more or less said “OK, let’s go” and they all kind of converged on me! They were amazing- they all took the time to explain exactly what they were doing whilst being sooo quick! I got the spinal very quickly, which was unpleasant but OK, and several different drips put in, and then was transferred very quickly to the operating theatre where they set up the screen and brought Ian back in.

Robbie was born at 2.38pm on 22nd May, weighing in at a much smaller than expected 9lb even and 22 inches long. He was sooo perfect!

Once he was out and cleaned up, they gave him to Ian who sat and talked to him and me for the rest of the (very long) surgery. Unfortunately I had a lot of complications yet again with my uterus failing to contract, and even though they were very well prepared for that eventuality, the drugs were slow to work and they had to spend a lot of time getting the bleeding under control. I lost more than a litre of blood in the end which has made me rather anaemic but never mind!

Finally they got everything under control but the surgery lasted more than two hours in the end! They were so good at explaining what was happening, and so CALM, that everything was a stress free as it could have been under the circumstances.

Robbie is gorgeous and much more mellow (SO FAR!!!) than Ricky. We’re having some trouble persuading him to sleep in his crib, as he just wants to sleep on me, but breast feeding is going great now that my milk has come in. He was weighed today and has only lost a few oz’s since birth- after all the problems I had feeding Ricky I am delighted with that and feel like I am really achieving something!

The worst thing about the whole experience was that they had to put a drain in my c-section wound and then took it out the next day- I have never felt anything like that and hope I never do again- but apart from that and the complications I am happy with how things went and am totally besotted with my new son!

Thanks for reading!

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