Busy weekend ahead!

Dad’s big birthday bash is tomorrow night. I have some preparation to do for it, but as he’s on facebook he probably knows I have a blog, so I can’t risk him reading all about my plans before they happen, ha ha! :p

Tomorrow I have some errands to run during the day, and if the weather is nice will take the kids for a walk somewhere. I am going to get them out of the way as much as possible so Ian can get his head showered before trying to put them both to bed on his own that evening. This will not be an easy job for him! He was hoping to spend tomorrow afternoon watching the Ireland rugby game in the Six Nations, but it doesn’t start until 5pm and I need to leave at 6- so I think he’s going to give it a miss until the kids are in bed and watch it later on his laptop. Maybe I will catch a bit of it too at some stage. I am only really interested in watching rugby if Ireland are playing, and even then I need to get it explained to me. Fun though! They have nice legs and arses!

Dad’s invited me and the boys for Sunday brunch- a delicious but calorie laden treat. My diet goal this week was just to maintain weight rather than losing because I knew it was a non starter! Back on the straight and narrow next week! Though only half a pound more and I will have lost a stone since starting the diet, and nearly two and a half since before I got pregnant with Robbie. Lots more to go though!

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